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Russia is also responsible for the destruction of Syria

A general view shows the damage at a site hit by overnight airstrikes in the town of Kafr Takharim, in Idlib Governorate

V responds to CK’s comment that “Russia is not responsible for the bloodshed and destruction taking place in the Middle East.”

So the support of President Assad in the form of active participation in the brutal war against Assad’s opponents with thousands of civilians being killed and the hundred of thousands of refugees and displaced people of which almost half the number are children, has nothing to do with Russia?

The present humanitarian catastrophe taking place in and around Idlib, is mostly the result of the Russian backed cruel assault by Assad in this area.

Never mind what the West and Turkey are doing to destroy Syria, but at least be honest and admit that Russia is also part of the destruction of Syria.

The government of Syria under Assad can’t, by any legal criteria, be called “a legitimate Government”, since true, free democratic elections were never held under either the present dictator Assad or his father.


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