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5 benefits of education in Cyprus for foreign students

If you are in college and feel the need to change environments for a while, your best bet is studying abroad. Traveling across the ocean will open up new perspectives and expand your horizons in ways previously unimaginable. You will immerse yourself in another culture, learn a new language, hang out with other internationals (just like you!) and have a blast while abroad. To be completely honest, there are many cool places to study while in Europe (if you choose this option, as many students do), but Cyprus always had something special to it.

Here are the best advantages of studying at any of the well-known universities of Cyprus.

  1. Nobody knows too much about it

Most American students travelling to Europe to study choose in cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, or Madrid; but how many students go to Cyprus? You’re right. Not that many; which is why this should be your top destination. Studying abroad in a remote country where no American has step foot in a while might sound scary but it’s definitely worth it.

If you are courageous enough to try it out, you might end up having the time of your life. That is because you will be amazed at the opportunities you’ll discover when not too many tourists are wobbling around. You will get the space and mental clarity that you need. If you are worried about keeping up with schoolwork, Edubirdie experts can do any homework at a low price, so hit them up if you need help. There is no shame in that.

  1. The prices are low

You can dine out, go scuba diving, take dance lessons, and go rock climbing for the price of one activity, this is how cheap Cyprus is. School is pretty cheap too. Welcome to the European education system! And since I know how much of a broke college student you are, this is the perfect destination for your circumstances. Taxis and Ubers are also quite cheap, not to mention the nightlife. In any case, once you start knowing the locals and interacting with them, you will barely have to pay anything when partying.

Cyprus is cool also because it is located right between three major continents: Asia, Europe, and Africa. You can easily book a trip to all three places at a fair price. Check out Egypt,  Malta, swim in the Black Sea, and explore the mountains of Romania. With just a little money you could do almost anything.

  1. The parties are wild

If you don’t know by now, Cypriots will teach you how to party hard! They hit the clubs so often it is almost a routine. They party from Monday through Thursday, take a break on Friday just to sit with their close friends and families, and then party again from Saturday night until the next Friday morning. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you must take part in all activities, but you can join in whenever it suits you. In the end, exploring a new country’s culture means making friends with the locals, eating the traditional, non-touristy food, speaking the language, and living the life that the locals are living. Doing touristy things is…. boring.

  1. The weather rocks

The other reason for choosing Cyprus as your top study abroad destination is the weather. Of course, if you are from Florida, you might not be that tempted; but if you’re from a cold region in the States like I am, you’ll maximize your journey by choosing this island. The temperature in Cyprus does not go below 46°F, so you will able to walk around in just some nice jeans and a shirt. And of course, you’ll have a beach so close to you that you’ll barely make it to class on time (just joking, don’t be late please!).

  1. The people are too cool!

You will meet many people by studying abroad! First, your professors will be international and pretty dang awesome. They have probably come from all over the world just to teach, so think about the cool stories and college essay topics they must bring with them. Second, international friends will always remain in your heart. And third, your Cypriot friends will help you discover a new culture. You have the full package going; the only two things you must add are passion and a strong desire to explore the world.


If you decide to study abroad in Cyprus, you’ll have the best time of your life. Ensure that you are prepared to spend some money on food and experiences, but do not stress out too much since prices are so low. Also, get excited, for you will meet many cool people along your journey, and these people might change your life. Be ready to enjoy the hot weather and keep a smile on your face. Good luck and have fun!

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