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Is it too late for Varosha?

An aerial view of Varosha's famous sandy beach

Looking back to 1974, the GC’s using various pretexts turned down the return of Varosha on a number of occasions, probably the best being in 1978 in exchange for only re-starting negotiations!The reasons given then have been discussed extensively many times.The other major lost opportunity was in 2004 when it would have been returned on the 10th of August as part of the Annan Plan.

Looking back over more than four decades the condition of Varosha now has deteriorated so much that complete reconstruction will be required,if and when any decision is made to de-classify it as a prohibited military area. How this would and could be achieved is another major issue about which there are opposing views both between and within the two sides in Cyprus.(The Ecopolis project is one very good example)

Considering the current situation with the Cyprus issue which is further complicated by the off-shore energy assertations of Turkey and the GC’s it seems pointless to try to deal separately with Varosha from an overall solution to the problems in the region? Even if consent was given for a bi-communal committee to enter it to conduct surveys etc. the time needed for this would only further detract from solving the problem overall?

Many of the former GC residents of Varosha, and other people on the south, already have serious doubts as to whether their current leadership ever had any serious intention to solve the Varosha issue as a priority anyway and statements on a number of occasions also raise suspicions that they are happy with the status-quo which suits the interests of the economic elite?

Recent actions by Anastasiades at the EU demanding that financial aid to the TC’s be stopped if any further moves are made by Turkey to re-open Varosha are likely to alienate people in the north from re-electing Akinci and can only help increase support for Tatar and other partitionist candidates and have even raised the question of whether this is part of a hidden agenda by Anastasiades to help to prevent Akinci’s re-election in collusion with Cavusoglu and Ankara, especially as he has never completely denied continuing rumours about this?


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