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We can only hope if Akinci wins in April

Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci

‘So in theory if Mustafa Akinci wins and Anastasiades does not wobble again, the omens are good, who knows?

A very positive conclusion to a charming, rose tinted write from Alper this Sunday. Even if, given what happened in Crans Montana and the subsequent implementation of Plan B (gas explorations in the Cyprus EEZ, the proposed opening of Varoshia, the attempted sidelining of Akinci and support of partitionist hard core parties by Turkey in the north), we could say that the writer is being over optimistic.

Especially when our side is flirting with a ‘loose federation’ and even ‘two states’ given what we have heard from the highest sources in the past three years or so.

The sensible among us have been let down too often by the shenanigans of the untrustworthy, anachronistic, nationalistic pseudo super patriotic and frankly morally corrupt ‘leaders’ and ‘politicians’, on both sides of the divide, from Makarios and Denktash downwards, to have any confidence that a win-win federation which unites the island again, can be achieved after so many decades of enmity and conflict.

But to which scenario, we can revert to Alper’s hopeful last sentence: ‘Who knows?’

And to which, the sensible and long suffering among us can only add: Inshallah! For the good and benefit of all Cypriots.


Identity: divide or integrate

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