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Man suspected of being drug-fuelled trashes hotel room

Larnaca hospital

Police and firefighters were called to a hotel room in Larnaca late Tuesday after receiving a complaint that there was a ruckus going on inside and things were being broken and smashed up.

According to CNA, at around 10.30pm officers were to the hotel in the town centre. They heard noise and shouting coming from inside the room from the male occupant.

However, despite trying to persuade the man to open the door, he refused so firefighters had to break in.

They found one man in the room, later identified as a 25-year-old from Nicosia, who appeared to be under the influence of drugs and was going berserk, continuing to smash items in the room until he was restrained.

Officers found broken furniture and glass and blood in various areas due to injuries the suspect incurred during his rampage.

He was taken to Larnaca hospital by ambulance and treated for his injuries, one of which was a fractured elbow. He was held in to be operated on, which is due to take place Wednesday, and is under police guard.

According to CNA, the man told police he had taken crystal meth.

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