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A spoonful of tradition: honey making in Cyprus

Earlier this month it was Lefkara, with all of its lace and ‘ttavas’, that was in the spotlight thanks to Mission Tradition, a European Solidarity Corps project created by YEU Cyprus looking to promote cultural heritage in Cyprus.

Now, with another planned visit in the works, Mission Tradition wants to highlight another of our country’s products – namely, Cyprus honey. That’s why on March 22 they will be heading to Kalopanayiotis for a day excursion, a workshop and a visit to the village. And you can join them too.

“Honey has been produced in Cyprus for many years, in many varieties, and in ways that have changed with the times,” says Mission Tradition. “We have done our research and organised a day full of activities in the village of Kalopanayiotis, where our local host – a honey producer of many years’ standing – will teach us about honey, the local traditions, flavours and environment.”

Once in Kalopanayiotis, the day will begin with a much-needed reminder about how important bees are to the planet, and the benefits of honey in all its different types. Yes, there are different kinds of honey, and an interactive presentation that will follow the talk will be showcasing them, touching on the extraction and preservation process, before participants get to taste this golden goodness.

A field trip to the beehives to observe the hard-working insects will prepare visitors for the ‘Feed a bee on your balcony’ workshop, during which plant pots, seeds and earth will be provided for the planting of flowers, so our little honey-making friends can get some food.

Towards the end of the day, visitors will explore an old local house where beehives are stored in the walls of the building. This was once a traditional practice in Cyprus, and Kalopanayiotis was able to preserve one such house.

The group will meet in Nicosia at 8.45am on Ezekia Papaioannou Street. It’s an event open to anyone, whether Cypriot or not. English will be the main language of the event but the local host will be able to answer questions in Greek as well. To reserve your spot, follow the form on the link on the event’s Facebook page (A Spoonful of Tradition: Honey Making in Cyprus).


Spoonful of Tradition: Honey Making in Cyprus

Organised visit to Kalopanagiotis to see honey production in Cyprus. By Mission Tradition. March 22. Departing from Ezekia Panaioannou Street, Nicosia at 8.45am. Tel: 99-573646

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