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Papadakis files lawsuit against Edek expulsion

Demetris Papadakis

Demetris Papadakis, MEP and former Edek member, has filed a lawsuit with the Nicosia district court for the annulment of his party’s decision to remove him, he said on Thursday.

Papadakis was ejected from Edek earlier this month on grounds he had misused EU funds as an MEP and diverted them to a private business housed in the same office as his.

He was also accused of not upholding his pledge to Edek of donating 10 per cent of his salary as an MEP back to the party.

In the lawsuit, filed on Thursday, he claimed that he was removed without reasonable cause, and the motives were improper.

The move is part of a deepening crisis for the nominally socialist party, whose leader Marinos Sizopoulos has had a public falling out with the party’s MEP.

“The (Edek) disciplinary board created a purely hypothetical version of events, and the evidence used could not possibly result in the decision taken – which was manifestly irrational and arbitrary,” the lawsuit reads.

Papadakis also said that prior to the party’s disciplinary action, he submitted a request to the courts to review the documents that the party were using against him.

He claims the method in which the case was carried forward, mainly by Sizopoulos, may be incompatible with the rules and procedures of the European Parliament.

The MEP has also filed a lawsuit against Sizopoulos personally, accusing him of defamation and slander.

As the Edek party crisis began, Sizopoulos claimed he had evidence of Papadakis’ wrongdoing, and the MEP challenged his boss to provide the police with any such details. The alleged evidence has not yet been made available to the authorities.

However, a video emerged on social media, which appears have been obtained via hidden camera, showing a woman – an associate of Papadakis — selling the company’s services to two men who posed as clients.

The company specialised in helping people quit smoking.

Papadakis’ associate has filed a complaint to the police over personal privacy violations.

The MEP himself argues the undercover video was organised by his adversaries inside the party.




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