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Foreign Minister has got it all wrong

Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides

Nicos Christodoulides (NC) had predicted that Turkey had no drilling vessels so she could not have intervened into the Republic of Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone: he was wrong, Turkey has now not one but three drilling vessels.

NC predicted that Cyprus was protected by the trilateral alliances from Turkey’s violation of the EEZ: he was wrong again, Turkey entered the EEZ of Cyprus and began drilling and no vessel was sent to repel the 3rd Turkish Invasion.

NC predicted that the EU would support Cyprus against the Turkish incursions: he was wrong for the third time, just two Turkish officials are not allowed to travel in the EU, an insignificant measure that will make Erdogan angrier and ready for more incursions, or perhaps buy a 4th drilling vessel.

NC is only good enough when making empty declarations in foreign policy. He has made pompous declarations that Cyprus’ foreign policy will be strengthened-for the 1st time ever- with Economic Diplomacy, Cultural Diplomacy and more lately, Gender Equality Diplomacy.

Nobody can understand these….unconventional diplomatic terms, yet they sound good enough to make him a front runner in the next presidential elections in 2023, he is a diplomatic mediocrity but good enough for Cyprus!


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