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Mr President, you are abandoning Cypriot citizens

For yet another time (remember the haircut) our dear president is taking us for a ride.

He says that all Cypriot citizens wishing to return to Cyprus after Monday 18.00 will need to be quarantined for 14 days in a medical reception provided by the state, reasonable measure Mr President.

However your second point is beyond any reasonable man’s comprehension.

Do you really believe that one can pop in a NHS hospital and say ‘hi, our wise president wants a certificate that I am coronavirus free, issue it as I have a plane to catch.’

The health systems throughout the world are so overstretched that the last thing they will do is issue a clean bill of health for us Cypriots!

Can the government give us directions where we can obtain these certificates? Have they investigated this?

I am pretty sure they have not.

What this means is that this government has decided NOT to allow Cypriot citizens back home even if they are willing to go through the quarantine period

And what happens to people who booked last week and are arriving after 18.00 Monday and they haven’t been able to obtain the certificate in  a few hours.

I just read now that the Health Minister will not allow anyone into Cyprus if his flight arrives at 18.01 and  does not have the certificate (which no one will issue) He didn’t tell us though what he plans to do…send the passengers back, won’t allow the flight to land, will he reimburse these people for his half-baked ideas?

Please illuminate us Mr Minister.






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