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I have accepted my fate, but cannot accept the ridicule and hatred of my compatriots

Shoppers queue to enter a Sainsbury's supermarket, as the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, in West London, Britain, March 20, 2020. REUTERS/Toby Melville

To those saying that students are entitled brats who want to go home for Easter I only have to say this. At least be informed before spreading your hatred. Supermarkets in the UK are empty. There is no health support or for that reason even knowledge of the actual number of confirmed cases.

We are forced to go out to look for food on crowded, unhealthy public transport and face imminent evictions. We do not pose a threat to Cypriot citizens because

  • WE ARE CYPRIOT CITIZENS and have every right under the constitution to enter our country no matter what and receive the same protection as every other citizen
  • WE WANT TO BE QUARANTINED upon entry to ensure the safety of our families and our community. Every other country has not only allowed but also facilitated the return of its citizens. Even the Turkish Cypriots managed to do this, why can’t an EU member state do the same?

Why are we left here to try and survive by ourselves? Why do we face constant vilification from our compatriots when we look to them for support in this time of need? What does my citizenship mean, what does the constitution mean when all is disregarded at the first sign of trouble?

Just months ago I would stay up at night and work for hours during the day to keep our country safe and now my country leaves me stranded in a constantly worsening situation.

Even though I sadly accept my fate, what I cannot accept is to endure the ridicule and hatred of my compatriots for asking to get what is my right from the moment I was born and what I served to protect – safe passage to my country.

Law Student,

United Kingdom

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