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Will these economic measures actually work?

I often wonder if these measures are designed to give the hope that there is light at the end of an indeterminate tunnel.

So many friends I know have zero income from their buisinesses and that’s been the case for almost two weeks. The idea of another 2 months or longer of zero income acting as an incentive to take on loans demonstrates a detachment from reality that defies what we non business types don’t understand about business astuteness.

What little economic activity remains in Cyprus can be kept ticking along by ensuring there is some demand. That means making sure people have money to spend. Trump’s $1,000 cheques to those who find themselves in dire circumstances is not that ridiculous if it keeps some level of economic activity going.

As for businesses in Cyprus those that are based on sound products and services they will bounce back.

Those that rely on the “bank of mum and dad” to keep their kids off the streets they’ll either make a come back because of the capacious pockets of mum and dad or they’ll go under.

There’s nothing wrong with giving people hope and offering a light at the end of the tunnel but governments need to be straight with people and stop selling them false hopes.


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