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Coronavirus: TC students complain about terrible conditions at quarantine facility

The reportedly unsanitary conditions at a private residence that was going to be used as a quarantine facility near Dikomo in the north, have caused great distress among a group of Turkish Cypriot students who arrived on Saturday morning on a charter flight from London.

The students have reportedly refused to stay at the residence for the mandatory 14-day isolation period when they found out that the bathrooms and all public areas were filthy, and rubbish bags were left outside the entrance.

Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci immediately headed there as soon as he was informed about the issue, CNA reported. Wearing gloves and a mask, he apologised for the conditions.

Shortly after, Turkish Cypriot ‘foreign minister’ Kudret Ozersay arrived at the scene and, after reiterating Akinci’s apologies, announced the students would be moved to a hotel where they would be put in quarantine.

According to Yeni Duzen, the majority of students would be moved to the Riverside Garden Resort in Karavas, even though the town’s ‘mayor’ Firat Atasser has voiced his concerns about the students being moved there.

Yeni Duzen also reported that several relatives of the students had strongly complained about the situation. The sister of one of the students said that, out of 168 young people on board the charter flight, ten were moved to a residence in Dikomo, which was apparently in good condition, while the remaining 158 were taken to another.

Some of the students’ relatives complained to Yeni Duzen about the fact that the Turkish Cypriot ‘government’ had several days to prepare the accommodation properly, since authorities were informed about their arrival in plenty of time to make proper arrangements.

“They threw them into a hellhole, dirty and disorganised. No one seems to be in charge over there,” one of the relatives told Yeni Duzen.

After waiting for five hours, the students were finally moved to the new quarantine premises, the hotel in Karavas.

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