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Our View: Despicable govt workers’ unions devoid of sense of duty

The Ministry of Health

Public employees’ unions have sunk to new depths of disrepute with their despicably selfish behaviour. Teaching unions and Pasydy, shamelessly demanded special treatment from the government, insisting that all their members should stay at home, in order to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Only public employees are at risk of contracting the virus by going to work, according to the logic of their self-serving union bosses, and therefore should all stay at home.

Teaching unions have ordered all their members to disregard the education ministry’s orders to show up at school and engage in distance learning. This, after the ministry had exempted teachers that belong to vulnerable groups and those with young children at home, without even seeking any written proof. At a primary school in Nicosia on Thursday, just three of the 25 members of staff showed up for work.

Head teachers that had been asked by the education ministry to prepare a report about the wi-fi access and computer facilities at their schools, as well as listing requirements, were told by union bosses not to provide this information, and some of them felt so threatened they did not. This is union intimidation, the objective of which is to allow teachers to have an extended holiday, to sit at home and do nothing. As usual there is complete disregard for the children they are supposed to be educating.

Pasydy, meanwhile, has been protesting because a government decree was issued calling a small number of its privileged, pampered members to show up for work at the ministries of health and labour and their affiliated departments, as well as at Okypy and HIO. Pasydy said that this “puts at grave risk the health of citizens; health being the prime consideration for everyone.” There is a health crisis, but the staff of the health ministry do not want to work; ditto the labour ministry staff that are needed to ensure that tens of thousands of people that will not receive wages are supported by the state!

The utter selfishness and disregard for their fellow citizens is disgraceful. And they are not ashamed to advertise this selfishness and disregard for the people who pay their fat salaries and other benefits every month. What kind of society is it that allows its public employees to have zero sense of duty and feel exempt from having any hint of public spirit, refusing to take a tiny risk for their fellow citizens? This, at a time when doctors, nurses and other hospital staff are working long hours, putting their own health at risk every day to help others, without complaining or making demands of society. By Pasydy and teaching unions’ shameful reasoning, doctors and nurses should also stay at home to protect their health.

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