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Lessons learned from staying home

What we never thought we’d do until last week

When exercising is a gas

I’m due to go the army this summer and want to get into the special forces. That means getting fit, so I had started going to the gym to make sure I passed the physical. But now they have been forced to close, I’m left with the gas cylinder! It weighs about 12-15kg I guess. It’s a bit awkward but I can still use it for weightlifting and bench presses. There’s not a lot I can do really. I suppose I could go for a run. Hopefully I will still be in shape if the army is still calling us up in July.  By Francis Koumoulis

Pia doesn’t seem to sleep much now

A very happy cat

Working from home has totally changed the life of Pia, our cat. She used to spend her days upstairs on the bed, asleep. At least that’s where she always was when we left in the morning and returned in evening.

My husband’s office is now in the kitchen. Mine is in the living room, and Pia has discovered our working from home provides a great opportunity to get our attention. The best way is to either sit on the laptop keyboard, or walk up and down in front of the screen. If we get up for a moment, she decides to lie down on the ‘office’ chair. She doesn’t seem to need that much sleep anymore…  By Annette Chrysostomou

A very crazy dog

Working from home means I get to share my ‘office’ space with my dog nowadays. All great fun but also precarious. I called a state official the other day for an article for the Cyprus Mail when my dog – seeing another dog pass by outside – started frenetically running up and down and barking loudly. A moment of embarrassed panic followed before I realised that this is just part of the new normal.  By Evie Andreou

Food donations and no more FOMO

My family lives next door to an elderly woman who insists on cooking for us – and much of our Nicosia old city neighbourhood – virtually every day. She’s very aware of her vulnerability in these present times, but she can’t stop cooking. Her new method is to phone and say she has left dishes out on her window ledge for us to pick up. So sweet, but how do we return the plates?

At the other extreme is my 16-year-old daughter. She’s made a wonderful discovery, and being a teen, it’s all about social media. FOMO, she’s discovered, is on hold. How can you experience Fear Of Missing Out, when no one’s going out? By Rachael Gillett

Dressing up for virtual church

My friend’s mother never, ever misses a church service.  And nothing has changed since the churches were closed. She continues to dress up in her formal church attire every evening, puts on her lipstick and “religiously” sits on her sofa at home. With her bible by her side, she sings the hymns in unison with the priests as they hold virtual services on television.  By Freda Yannitsas

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