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OPAP and sports stars: we are all in this fight together!

All leading athletes of Cyprus are actively involved in the fight against the pandemic of Covid-19. Knowing exactly how to win big victories, our champions show their support for the information campaign undertaken by OPAP Cyprus to disseminate positive messages.

“We can overcome this difficult ordeal that Cyprus is going through, by having patience, assuming responsibility and respecting our fellow citizens,” they say, urging the public to follow their example. “We stay in our homes and protect ourselves so that we can return to our daily lives and soon do the things we love! ”

The will and patience shown by our top athletes helped them on their road to success. Athletes are now prompting us to practice the same kind of will and patience to overcome the difficult times that the whole nation is currently going through.

To conclude, in this fight, our champions and OPAP Cyprus support the following: “we are all in this together!” Let’s listen to them!

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