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Coronavirus: e-learning in state schools fully operational by Thursday

Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou

Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou said Tuesday e-learning in public schools would be fully operational by Thursday.

Though distance learning is not considered teaching for exams, and exams will only include what is taught in the classroom by the end of the school year, this does not mean it is limited to what has been taught so far but e-learning will follow the curriculum where possible.

Regarding the further organisation of the school year and exams, more will be announced later by the ministry, Prodromou said. For now, schools are closed until the end of the Easter holiday, April 26.

Some 110,000 students will take part in teaching and learning from home and will have access of codes for specific programmes.

Pupils will receive educational support, Prodromou added, while parents and pupils have already been informed about the new system and how the children will participate.

“In the few cases where this communication has not been possible, parents/guardians are encouraged to contact their children’s school for relevant information. School principals have been given specific instructions which everyone must follow in order for the general system to work properly,” he said.

Any shortages of equipment or lack of internet connectivity at homes will be addressed, the minister assured his listeners.

School administrations, in collaboration with teachers, have developed a plan based on the school curriculum which will be adapted to the circumstances.

While many teachers already support their classrooms via the internet, teacher training for using the relevant technology will be available.

“A specific programme has been selected taking into account the particular functional needs of the overall student population, as well as issues related to the protection of personal data and the particular age groups we address,” Prodromou explained.

In addition to distance learning, pedagogical support material is constantly posted on the ministry’s website and on school websites.

The ministry will also broadcast a special TV programme aimed at young children.

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