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Can icy de-puffing tools help eyes appear tighter and brighter?

Sophie Goodall after using the Icey Globes, £44.99, available from Aesthetics by Sarah-Jane. PA Photo/Sophie Goodall.

By Sophie Goodall

I recently found my first eye wrinkle at the grand old age of 25 – panic-buying anti-ageing eye products suddenly went straight to the top of my to-do list. I began extensively researching everything to do with the skincare industry, reading top tips, poring over specialist eye creams, and learning about Botox – then I came across ice globes.

These glass tools contain liquid with a rounded bulb at one end, and the concept is simple: you pop them in the fridge for 30 minutes, then use them to massage the skin around the eye area. Cold temperatures have been shown to help reduce swelling, redness and puffiness in the skin by contracting pores and muscles around the eyes, which can help minimise the appearance of wrinkles.

Keen to try anything to plump up my skin, I put two different types of ice globes to the test…


Photo of the the Eyecicle, £150, available from 001 Skincare.PA Photo/Handout.

001 Skincare Eyecicle

I tried the Eyecicle ( just after waking up, incorporating it into my morning skincare routine while my eyes were still tired and puffy.

The globes are small and look as though they would comfortably glide around the contours of the eye area and get into the corners easily.

However, I found they dragged my skin quite a bit, so I applied a small amount of eye cream to the tool. This helped it slide over the skin more smoothly, when rolling it in a circular motion.

Using the Eyecicle was trickier and less comfortable to use than expected, especially over the eyelid. That said, it was great on the temples and eyebrow area. It helped pull me out of my post-sleep fog, giving a soothing and refreshing sensation to my skin.

The physical results were pretty instantaneous. My eyes felt cool, soothed and relaxed, less dry and itchy, and I was able to skip my highlighter that morning.

I’m not convinced it’s hugely effective as an anti-ageing tool, but the temperature definitely helped relax tension around my eye area, and it was a reviving way to start the day. The Eyecicle would be great for a deluxe at-home facial, particularly when used to apply your favourite eye cream.


Icey Globes, £44.99, available from Aesthetics by Sarah-Jane. PA Photo/Handout.

Aesthetics by Sarah-Jane Icey Globes

After a 10-hour working day spent staring at my computer screen under fluorescent lighting, my eyes were definitely in need of some TLC, so I decided this was the perfect time to try out the Icey Globes (

While these globes are almost identical to the Eyecicle, they have a much bigger head and I was intrigued to see how they would work, particularly as the tool is much larger than my eye socket.

Despite my reservations, the globes are really easy to use. The large rounded end means the corners of my eyes could be easily targeted by pressing down on the tool, rather than having to roll it around too much.

As with the Eyecicle, I used the Icey Globes with eye cream, and my tired, hot and itchy eyes were instantly soothed. Due to the larger surface area of the tool, I could actually press the globes over the entire eye area, which felt amazing – particularly as the air conditioning at work had really dried my eyes out.


While I’m no skincare expert, I’m not sure cold

lass will rival Botox to stop eyes looking droopy, wrinkled and saggy. However, for people like me who don’t fancy surgical cosmetic help, icy globes are a great option and both tools helped my eyes look smoother, brighter and tighter.

It’s important to remember the globes are not a cure-all quick fix, and following the age old tips of staying hydrated, using SPF and not rubbing your eyes will always be the most effective eye care routine.

However, if you do fancy something a bit more luxe than slicing up cucumbers or putting cold teaspoons on your eyes (anyone else’s mum do this?), icy globes are a good addition to your beauty bag. After all, they give basically the same results as high-end beauty creams, with the added advantage of lasting forever.


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