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Does distance learning apply for children of expats?

I’m concerned about whether children of British expats will receive equal attention from the pre-primary and primary schools.

So far my son’s pre-primary school has executed all communication in Greek only, and whilst my wife and I are both having Greek lessons (well… we were until the social distancing measures came in), we are still not at a level where we can understand the school’s emails and messages on social media.

At this point we have no idea if the school has implemented any distance learning activities and if so, whether our son should be joining and when, or how we are expected to facilitate.

We are not living under any sense of entitlement, or belief that the school is obligated to communicate in English, but it would be helpful if they did, at least for now. It would just help us to know what, if anything, is going on.


Coronavirus: primary-school parents concerned about distance learning

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