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A minute with Rafaella Groutidou DjGrout

Where do you live?
I currently live in Nicosia with my family!

What did you have for breakfast?
Coffee with toast

Describe your perfect day
Generally speaking, a simple perfect day would be a nicely sunny day full of positive vibes

Best book ever read?
Hmm… I am not that kind of book person because I don’t really like reading books. The only books I have read are the ones that we used to read during school years and that because we had to.

Best childhood memory?
Playing with all of my cousins at my grandma’s house in the backyard.

What is always in your fridge?
Milk because it is the must ingredient for my coffee in the morning that I can’t do without.

What music are you listening to in the car at the moment?
Whatever music the NRJ Radio Station plays!! (99.0 FM & 94.4 FM)

What’s your spirit animal?
I would say dolphins because of their kindness and the fact that they try to help others to be happy, give others courage and achieve their goals.

What are you most proud of?
Being so energetic and full of positiveness as a person. I am really thankful that I have these and I think they are the characteristics that I have and I am proud of.

What movie scene has really stayed with you?
Oh, there are too many and I can’t choose one, but I will refer to the one that I have watched recently. A Greek movie called Eftyhia, which was about the life of the greatest songwriter in Greece, made me think that you have to fight in life, with one way or another to get what you really want but also appreciate the people that you have next you and live the best moments with them cause life is too short.

If you could pick anyone at all (alive or dead) to go out for the evening with, who would it be?
With the Queen B, Beyoncé.

If you could time travel when/where would you go?
Back to 1985 at Live Aid in London, to admire the outstanding performance of Queen.

What is your greatest fear?
The freaking disgusting cockroaches

What would you say to your 18-year-old self?
Don’t grow up

Name the one thing that would stop you dating someone

If the world is ending in 24 hours what would you do?
Try to show all of my love to my closest people and gather them with all the people I know and party hard with DjGrout on the decks till the end!

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