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Government needs to be more specific, people need to know

Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides

There’s an iconic scene in the film ‘True Romance’ with Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken displaying their acting art to perfection. Walken plays a Mafia boss who’s trying to get some information out of Hopper but without success. Halfway through the interrogation procedure, Walken says the following to Hopper: “You show me everything but tell me nothing.”

This sentence just about sums up what the Cypriot political elite are saying to all of us. The devil is in the detail and there isn’t any. Detail, that is.

They state that €182 million will be allocated to the 220,000 private sector workers to subsidize their wages. Firstly, hotel workers and other members of vulnerable sectors have lost their jobs and are receiving no income so it’s not a question of them being ‘subsidized’. Secondly, when will they receive these payments? This month, next month, two months’ time? Thirdly, how will these payments be calculated? Fourthly, will the state be paying them directly or will these monies be disbursed to their employers who will in turn then pay their employees? Fifthly, how long are they prepared to make these payments?

And finally, why should public sector employees not contribute to the plight of their fellow private sector compatriots and voluntarily agree to assist by taking salary cuts? If they don’t, the state should impose these cuts.

The time for the state to show us everything and tell us nothing is over. People need to be told in SPECIFIC terms where they stand as their physical and mental breaking point is fast approaching.


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