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Did nobody in government think the new measures through?

Dog walk or supermarket visit?

Apart from some really ridiculous ideas from the Department of Transportation on how to mitigate this crisis, I have, up to now, had some admiration for the governments proactive handling of the situation. But now I fear they are going into panic mode with ideas that are both impractical and badly thought out.

As someone who lives alone with a fairly large dog, I am now faced with the choice of walking my pet only once a day, which is not enough, or foregoing that necessity if I need to go and buy food.

Did nobody in government think this situation through? What is the harm in walking your pet responsibly keeping a safe distance from others? It’s a dammed sight safer than going to the supermarket.

Closing supermarkets on Sundays only increases the density of shoppers on the adjacent days. It’s as senseless as giving a two week period of grace for MOT renewals. Come on government. Wake up!


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