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Coronavirus: Paphos doctor recalls his battle with coronavirus

Paphos general hospital

The Paphos doctor who was discharged from Famagusta general hospital on Tuesday after having recovered from coronavirus, has described his battle with what he called “a devious enemy”.

He also urged people to follow the measures issued by the government and stay home for everyone’s sake.

Adonis Elefhteriou, head of the pulmonology clinic at Paphos general hospital, started showing symptoms of the virus around the beginning of the week starting March 23.

When his condition worsened, he was first taken to the Limassol general hospital ICU, from where he was transferred to the Famagusta hospital after he improved.

He said he had to be admitted into the ICU after he developed problems with his breathing.

“I went through some very tough days. The symptoms were quite heavy, and I had a fever of 39-40 C, which only got better after the eight or nine days after being diagnosed with the virus.

“My whole body was aching, and I couldn’t move. I was exhausted and I also lost my appetite completely,” he said.

Eleftheriou said that, aside from the physical pain, the virus has also impacted him mentally.

 “The symptoms are painful, but other than the physical side there was a lot of psychological stress for myself and my family,” he said.

He also said the virus can take a turn to the worse very quickly. 

“Your condition may be good and then it deteriorates all of a sudden. It is very important to be under constant medical supervision. At the hospital they gave me some medication which boosts the system but the important thing is that you are somewhere where they can give you the help you may need.”

Eleftheriou said there were even times when he thought he wouldn’t make it.

“I am a doctor and pulmonologist and I am aware of the issue. But, when I started having great difficulty breathing, I can’t deny I thought I would not make it,” he said

He thanked the doctors and nurses who had cared for him in both hospitals.

“Many of them have not gone home for days. They are working nonstop. They are staying at hotels. They are the real heroes and they deserve the best,” he said.


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