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Coronavirus: Around 50 deliveries to elderly and sick so far

Former volunteerism commissioner Yiannis Yiannaki

Around 50 home deliveries of medicines and essential goods to vulnerable groups without family support have been carried out since the service was implemented by the ministry of labour on Monday, it was announced on Thursday.

The service, which is active seven days a week, is run by the Volunteerism Commissioner Yiannakis Yiannaki in collaboration with non-governmental organisations and private companies, such as the Bank of Cyprus, which has provided a location to act as a headquarters to coordinate daily operations.

According to Yiannaki, about 1,100 volunteers have registered to deliver goods to confirmed coronavirus patients under quarantine or people who are potentially infected and in self-isolation, as well as to elderly people who are either unable to go outside and/or have no one to help them

“The response we got regarding the scheme from volunteers, mostly of young age, as well as companies and associations is mesmerising.

“I also want to praise Bank of Cyprus, which has stepped up its efforts and provided us with a space from where we can coordinate our work,” Yiannaki said.

He said the people in need of help mostly live in the mountain areas.

“That’s why we are also cooperating with the Mountain Development Commissioner (Costas Hambiaouris),” Yiannakis said.

He also explained how people with coronavirus who are under quarantine or people in self-isolation can benefit from the scheme.

“They are registered with health authorities, who will contact them and ask whether they need any essential goods or medicines, and whether they have anyone to help them obtain these items.

“If they do not, health authorities will contact the support network which will make home deliveries from supermarkets and/or pharmacies.”

As for elderly people who are neither sick or self-isolating but have no one to help them, Yiannaki explained they need to contact their local government authority – municipality or community.

“Once the local authority verifies that the caller does need support, and where the local authority itself cannot provide the service, it will contact the support network,” he said.

Finally, Yiannaki assured that all deliveries are subject to a strict control to ensure the safety and health of both the volunteers and those receiving help.

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