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Coronavirus: Union calls for children to have same rights as pets

The trade union Equality (Isotita) on Monday called on the children’s rights commissioner to grant children the same rights as pets during the pandemic.

“Pets, rightly so, can go out for a walk as many times a day as necessary without their owners sending relevant SMS,” the union, which has 2,500 members working in the public sector, said.

“Our children, however, are deprived of the right to exercise, recreation and indirectly of health if their parents send the only SMS they are entitled to for other urgent needs. In other words, if the parent goes to the supermarket or the pharmacy, the children are deprived of the right to walk.

“Even inmates at the central prison have the right to walk in the yard!” the union exclaimed.

The government should also consider single parents who need to choose between buying basic necessities or walking with their offspring, as well as children living in apartments, Isotita believes.

As well, single parents ought to have the necessary equipment to work from home and should not be forced to take their children to the office, adding additional risks.


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