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You can revive economies and make them better than before

A very balanced and humble article that makes no false claims and offers no over inflated solutions.

I am reminded of the old adage, even if you ban nuclear weapons altogether it wouldn’t take us long to build them up again because you cannot eliminate the science and knowledge to start building them again.

When I read the doom and gloom frequently posted on this forum how the economy will fall to a “point of no return” , where we end up in a “Mad Max dystopia” where people will die in their droves and industry and businesses will never recover and we will end up somewhere between the Stone Age and the 14th century when the world was struck by the Black Death.

The most important strategy at the present time is for the state to enforce lockdown and to use the economy’s resources exclusively to fight the pandemic. Whatever economic activity can take place as long as it enhances the fight against the virus and doesn’t interfere with that fight should be allowed to go on.

When this is over I will return to my kafenion (coffeeshop) and my favourite watering holes and eateries.

They may end up under new management for a number of reasons but the bricks and mortar, the infrastructure the skills and desire on the part of people to start again will still be there.

You can revive economies and make them better than before. There are precious few cases of people coming back from death.


Coronavirus: Expect economic pain, the only question is how much?

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