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Coronavirus: medicines sent from Cyprus to 42 residents stuck abroad

The government has dealt with 42 requests to send medicines to Cypriots living abroad since March 24, the health ministry announced on Wednesday.

A number of Cypriots remain abroad following the ban on flights to Cyprus from March 21, and some of them are at risk of running out of drugs prescribed to them in Cyprus.

Thus, the health and foreign ministries have decided to make the necessary arrangements to send drugs to patients who face such difficulties.

“From March 24 until April 7, 44 applications were received, of which 42 were processed,” the health ministry said.

“For the two which are pending, further information / instructions are expected from the applicants. The drugs were mailed by QuickPost to 13 countries, Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Poland, Romania, Latvia, South Africa, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and the USA.”

Some requests could not be processed because they concerned medicines for which special storage conditions such as refrigeration were required, and it was not possible to send them safely from Cyprus.

In these cases, the ministry of foreign affairs arranged the supply to patients through local embassies.

The drugs were sent for the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, hypertension, depression, cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, pituitary dysfunction, chronic asthma, anticoagulants, cancer metastasis and HIV.

“Each request is processed immediately and on the same day. Several people have already informed us that they have received their packages, expressing their gratitude,” the ministry noted.

The process of sending medicines abroad is expected to continue as long as the measures to contain the coronavirus last.

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