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Future uncertain for cat with legs cut off that recently gave birth

The Green Party has reported a case of animal abuse involving a pregnant cat which was living in the cemetery in Meneou in Larnaca and had her hind legs cut off and an eye removed.

“In the time of coronavirus when all of us are going through tough times and we express our solidarity towards others, some did not hesitate to show the inhumane and brutal character to a cat who lived in Meneou cemetery,” said a post widely shared on Facebook.

The cat, who was pregnant, was initially found with her right eye taken out. Then on March 31, a volunteer who was feeding her found the cat bleeding in a thorn bush with her two hind legs chopped off.

“The cat was pregnant, and they wanted to kill her, just like they killed so many other pregnant cats,” the party said.

They asked police to investigate immediately and arrest the culprits.

Despite her injuries, the cat gave birth on April 7 and she is able to nurse her kittens.

A volunteer is temporarily fostering the feline family but the future appears dim for the new mother who is still unable to walk.

An online petition has been created to stop the slaughtering of cats in Meneou. As of Saturday midday it had almost 3,500 signatures.

If anyone has information to help identify the suspect in this particular case, they should contact Kiti Police station at 24804520.



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