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Coronavirus: Turkish Cypriot trader donates 10,000 surgical masks to Republic

Will masks make a comeback in Cyprus in Autumn?

A Turkish Cypriot trader from Famagusta, Olgun Arguden, on Monday posted a letter of thanks he received from the state health services Okypy for a donation he made of 10,000 surgical masks to the health sector in the south of the island.

The letter from Okypy to Arguden was dated April 8.

In the letter, the CEO of Okypy, Christis Loizides and the president of the board Marios Panayides, thanked Arguden for his contribution. “Your support gives us the courage to continue the fight [against Covid-19],” the letter added.

Arguden said his goal was to donate 30,000 masks islandwide but criticised the Turkish Cypriot authorities which he said has been delaying on giving him permission. He said he has been waiting for more than a week for the ‘cabinet’ to make a decision.

“Our people can’t find masks because they are not in the pharmacies,” he said in his Facebook post. “Our officials are criticising people for not wearing masks, but they do not explain where to buy these masks.”

However, because he has a company in Larnaca, he said he had 20,000 masks stocked in a warehouse there.

Arguden, who said he has been an international trader for 32 years, also said that the ministry of health in the south of the island had called him to let him know they were proceeding with a tender for masks, and suggested he put in a bid.

“I want to contribute in my own way to my country,” he said.



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