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Coronavirus: supermarket meat sales up, small butchers see drop

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Photo: Christos Theodorides

Butchers are entering the Easter season with strong sales, their association said on Tuesday.

With people on lockdown and cooking more at home, sales have increased over the past month despite the 40-day fast for Lent.

“Butchers are entering the Easter season strong,” said Costas Livadiotis, the president of the butchers’ association. “Because people are confined at home, they eat,” he said.

Lockdown may have prompted more home cooking and barbecues, but not all butchers said they were profiting from the increase in meat sales. Those who supply restaurants did not see an increase in sales.

One butcher told the Cyprus Mail his sales had decreased as much as 50 per cent.

Another in Larnaca wondered how sales could possibly have gone up since people were staying at home. “Perhaps they are buying meat from the supermarket,” he said.

“I used to get all my meat from the local butcher, but I don’t go out anymore,” a pensioner told the Cyprus Mail. Her son now orders groceries using the Alphamega delivery service.

Others also prefer to purchase their animal protein during their trip to the grocery store, whether that is from the butchery section, or pre-packaged meat to avoid visiting extra places for fear of being infected.

Nicosia supermarkets confirmed their meat sales remained stable or even increased.


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