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Snake charmer called in to handle five vipers in a week (video)

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Cyprus’ snake charmer Yiannis Angeli on Wednesday removed a large blunt-nosed viper from the storeroom of a house in Limassol.

In a video Angeli posted on his Facebook page he shows the latest removal of a snake from a property in Moutayiaka.

Standing outside the storeroom where the poisonous viper was seen entering, Angeli said the owners locked themselves inside the house. He said he was told the snake made a hissing sound, which means it was either a viper (also known in Cyprus as fina) or a coin snake (hemorrhois nummifer). The latter is not considered dangerous to humans.

According to Angeli snakes entering properties is common in that area.

After searching for a while, he found the viper in a corner and admitted he struggled to avoid its attacks.

Angeli said this was the third case he was called in to check within a day and the fifth case this week concerning a viper.

“Please be careful,” he said, adding that people need to be alert when entering storerooms or other areas, especially if they are cluttered.

He also urged people to clear their gardens.

Fingers crosed 😂

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