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Coronavirus: Aradippou mayor investigated for breaking church ban

File photo: Aradippou mayor Evangelos Evangelides (left)

Aradippou mayor is being investigated after footage of him emerged going to church on Easter Saturday to take Holy Communion despite the ongoing lockdown.

Footage of the liturgy was aired live in a bid to encourage people to stay home and prevent people from going to church but in it mayor Evangelos Evanglides is seen at church taking communion.

The chief of police immediately ordered an inquiry which was expected to lead to a €300 on the spot fine.

The mayor appeared defiant in comments he made to broadcaster Alpha saying all measures had been followed, reportedly stipulating it was not illegal for someone to take Holy Communion.

“We’ve gotten to the point where church is a blasphemy,” he was quoted as saying.

Aradippou is the hardest hit area with the coronavirus, with figures showing a transmission rate of 401 people per 100,000.

It did not take long for criticism to begin pouring in with Akel’s committee in Aradippou issuing a statement condemning Evangelides’ actions “which shows his indifference to the restrictive measures”.

While calling for people to stay at home, he seems unable to practise what he preaches, the statement said. “Does he consider his need to go to church greater than that of other believers who are called to celebrate the Resurrection away from church?”



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