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The government is short-changing the private sector workers

Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides with Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou

We all need to understand what’s going on and scrutinize the out and out subterfuge being carried out by the state towards the private sector.

The government is in effect deceiving its own citizens and short-changing the estimated 220,000 people, the private sector which is the engine of the economy, who have been forced to give up their jobs through no fault of their own.

This whole exercise has been set up with smoke and mirrors and for some nefarious reason the criteria have been backdated to 2018. This and other caveats are sly tricks in order to minimize what the state needs to pay out. It should be noted that the state has announced that it would pay 60% of people’s salaries and they’re not even coming close because instead they’re employing sharp practice to wriggle out of this STATED obligation.

Secondly, by far the majority of the sacred cow that is the public sector, which approximately comprises 70,000 people, are at home on FULL pay. Their private sector compatriots, who in effect pay for their salaries, are scratching around and having to make do with peanuts in order to survive. I’ve made it my business to investigate what’s going on and have discovered that there are many who have been paid anything between €100 and €200.

Finally, is this fair and reasonable and should they be ‘grateful’? I think not. In short, the government is behaving disgracefully and should be ashamed of themselves. But they won’t be. Ashamed, that is, because they’ve got away with it for decades.


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