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What has brought on this charm offensive by China

Minister thanks China for medical supplies
So, China has donated loads of medical equipment to Cyprus.
What brought this on? A guilty conscience at giving the world Covid-19, or a move to get its talons into Cyprus, so that something has to be repaid later in spades ?
I doubt it can be in any way a guilty conscience, as China has no such thing, so it must be the early move.
There were a number of sugar coated nonsense uttered by the ambassador at the special ceremony to thank China for its donations, such as “the friendship and partnership between China and Cyprus will emerge from the pandemic even closer and ready to grow even further”.
Really ? I must have missed out on the news these last few years for, apart from efforts by Cyprus to sell overpriced property to Chinese, I was unaware of any “friendship” between the two countries.
The ambassador also told us another first for me, in that China is “…a true friend and reliable partner”.
I guess I’m still not too old to learn, but I shall be “watching this space” with interest and not a little wry amusement.
Yours faithfully
Brian Lait
Maroni, Larnaca

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