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Coronavirus: Volunteers have played an ‘invaluable’ role

Cyprus’ volunteers carried out more than 760 home deliveries of medicine and essential items to high-risk groups since the beginning of the pandemic, the volunteer commission’s office announced on Monday.

The Office of the Commissioner for Volunteerism and Non-Governmental Organisations said 550 volunteers have helped during the pandemic while more than 1,400 people registered to volunteer.

“The intense interest of hundreds of our fellow citizens, and especially young men and women, who are ready to offer without anything in return, is touching,” the volunteer commissioner Yiannis Yiannaki said on Monday while thanking the volunteers.

Among them are organised groups such as political parties, educational organisations, rescue teams and NGOs. The national guard and members of the presidential guard have also been ready to assist if needed.

In collaboration with the mountain development commissioner Costas Hambiaouris, the Union of Municipalities, the Union of Communities and with NGOs for people with disabilities and health problems, volunteers undertook more than 700 home deliveries of medicine and food. The help was provided to people belonging in vulnerable groups who lacked help from relatives or friends.

In addition, they delivered essential personal items such as cleaning equipment to the 2,200 people who recently arrived on the island and are in mandatory hotel quarantine for 14 days. Following the directions of the health ministry, volunteers also completed 60 home deliveries of special medication.

“This invaluable offer of the volunteers fills us with pride and satisfaction, highlighting the enhanced role of volunteering in dealing with crises,” said Yiannaki, “when it is done in an organised manner, with defined protocols and with proper coordination.”

All volunteers must comply with the protocol issued by the office. Detailed directions were announced by the office through a three-minute YouTube video including 19 points volunteers must follow during the pandemic.

The clip explains a person needs to be in good health to volunteer, follow the protective measures against Covid-19 such as 20-second hand washing and never enter houses, but to leave items at the door.

To watch the video with volunteers’ instructions


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