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Coronavirus: movement between districts prohibited except for swimming and caring for vulnerable

Will 2021 be another disastrous year for the world tourism industry?

The health ministry on Thursday clarified that between May 4 and 21 the ban on movement between districts will still be in place except for visits to people in vulnerable groups and swimming at sea.

The ministry said that between May 4 and 21 when all movement restrictions will be lifted, the number of SMS outings has been raised to three per day. Currently, each person can only send one SMS for permission to go out per day.

“It is stressed that the movement of citizens from one district to another is prohibited except for the purpose of caring for people who belong to vulnerable groups and / or cannot serve themselves such as elderly or people with health problems, and for swimming,” the ministry said.

“It goes without saying that movements must be made within a reasonable period of time and people must return to their place of residence by 10pm the latest when the curfew starts,” the ministry said.

President Nicos Anastasiades had announced on Wednesday evening that as of May 4 personal exercise was permitted such as jogging, swimming in the sea, cycling outdoors and on walkways in parks in groups of not more than two persons. Underage children are not included in the above number.

Organised beaches however are not due to be open until at least June 9 so no sunbeds or umbrellas or facilities will be on offer.

The fisheries department also announced that amateur fishermen can go to the sea or water reservoirs for fishing as of May 4 provided that they carry with them their identity card and the amateur fishing permit.

They must also send an SMS to 8998, while up to two people can go fishing together and after they both send an SMS for permission.

The fisheries department recalled that all movement outside is banned between 10pm and 6am while people need to implement the provisions and regulations of all decrees concerning protection measures against the spread of coronavirus.

It also said that amateur fishing permits can now be issued through JCC. Those who apply for a permit for the first time they must first send their application at [email protected] .

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