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Coronavirus: Pet grooming services say will open on Monday (updated)

Pet groomers in Cyprus on Sunday refuted an earlier statement by The Animal Party that they would not be allowed to open on Monday, saying no government decree has said they have to close.

The Animal Party said it had received a lot of calls from the public about the operation of pet grooming services, and had got confirmation from the relevant ministry that these places will not open on Monday.

The party said that if the second phase of relaxation measures goes ahead as planned then pet grooming services will reopen on May 21, the same day as hairdressers and barbers.

However, groomer Georgina Athanasiou, who is trying to establish an official organisation of those in the sector, and represents about 100 of them said no government decree had said they had to close and that some of them have been working throughout the lockdown. “Even when they were visited by the police, the police said it was OK,” she said.

However, for personal reasons and a belief among the pubic that services were closed, many have remained shuttered over recent weeks.

Athanasiou said they would be open as of Monday.

As part of relaxations of the lockdown around 25,000 businesses that have been closed for about six weeks are expected to re-open on Monday.

Veterinary clinics were covered by government decrees and some of them also offer grooming services.

Another groomer said as the heat picks up in Cyprus dogs such as Yorkies and Poodles are already starting to mat and grooming services remaining closed for two weeks means their further matting will start to affect their health. These and other breeds need their excess fur removing.

“Dog grooming is firstly about the health of an animal,” she said.

Athanasiou said all those operating with respect the guidelines of the ministry of health; they will work only by appointment and will only let the animals themselves inside, picking them up and dropping them off at the door.

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