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Blood donation unit to reopen in Paphos next Monday

Photo: CNA

The blood donation unit of Paphos General Hospital will reopen in the hall of the Apostles Peter and Paul Church next Monday, according to the Cyprus News Agency.

The Head of the Blood Centre of the ministry of health, Socrates Menelaou, told CNA that the centre will reopen on May 11.

Menelaou noted that the number of available staff is relatively small; a doctor and two blood donation assistants, CNA reports.

He stressed that those operating the programme of the blood donation station in Paphos, and the blood donors should be careful and blood donors will be informed by messages and announcements, he said.

Last month, a health professional at the blood donation centre in Paphos was confirmed as another case of coronavirus, It was the second confirmed case after a blood donor was found to have the virus at the same facility.

The operations of the blood centre, were suspended and the premises thoroughly disinfected

Menelaou noted that there were problems in the district of Paphos with some shortages of blood types, that had to be taken from other districts.

“What matters is not where the blood units will be taken from, but whether there will be an island wide adequacy in all types,” he noted, adding that in addition to the blood donation stations all over Cyprus, blood donations are also being organised in communities.

“We will keep the number of donors small so that the situation is manageable, so that we don’t go abruptly from one stage to another but gradually, and after studying the spaces to meet some specifications,” he said.

The blood centre is taking a series of measures to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, he said, staff are equipped with disposable paraphernalia including, protective masks, disposable laboratory coats and everything is undertaken carefully.

Staff also take the temperature of blood donors before they enter the room and anyone with a fever is excluded.

He noted that from the initial outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic until now, there have some periods with a large number of blood donors, but other where the numbers of donations fell which caused problems for some individuals. However, these were manageable and addressed in a short space of time, he said.

For a number of days, blood donations have been organised in areas of Nicosia and Limassol, and the organisation of blood donations in Famagusta and other communities is being addressed. A little more time is needed to complete all of the procedures, he said.

Menelaou also noted that a large demand for blood is expected in the next couple of weeks.

“We expect an increase in the demand for blood over the next two to three weeks as patients who did not undergo the planned surgeries, and those who had low hemoglobin, for obvious reasons, did not go for a transfusion, will return to the hospitals,” he said.

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