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Coronavirus: Students accuse ministry of adding extra material to final exams

Student body Psem accused the education ministry on Monday of including uncovered material in a scheme of study for the Pancyprian final exams, and said it was unacceptable the date of exams had still not been set.

The ministry had earlier posted the scheme of study for the exams on their website.

Following a teleconference, the ministry said it had informed the student body about the restart of schools on May 11 for final year lyceum students.

The ministry said it told the group they would be following all the personal protective measures, as prescribed by the health ministry.

The announcement added final year lyceum students would only be tested on the subjects and material listed on their website, and they would be announcing the date of the Pancyprian exams in the coming days.

But in announcement after the teleconference, Psem said the revised material for the Pancyprian exams and the delay in announcing the exam dates was problematic.

The group used the example of chemistry, where the proposed material to be studied for the exams, is two chapters ahead of what was taught until March 13, when schools closed. The ministry had repeatedly said students would not be tested on material not covered before that date.

“Due to the difficult situation, we will not let any student be victimised at the Pancypian exams,” the Psem said, following the meeting.

They added the material should go ‘hand in hand’ with what was taught by March 13, as they were previously assured.

The group also demanded the ministry announce the date of Pancyprian exams.

Psem also accused the ministry of failing to take the issue of protective measures seriously.  The group said.

When asked about social distancing measures on school buses, the minister said it was not his ministry’s problem, the group said.

According to the student group’s announcement, the minister also told them students will not need to wear masks and gloves, and they will not be supplied to them.

For the programme proposed by the ministry and the scheme of study, see the website of the ministry

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