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Coronavirus: 95 recovering patients treated so far at rehabilitation centre

The Eden resort in Tersefanou

A total of 95 coronavirus patients have been treated at the Eden Resort Wellness Rehabilitation Centre in Tersefanou during the last month, 32 of whom have been discharged.

The centre has admitted recovering coronavirus patients since it started a cooperation with the health ministry on April 6, general manager George Vouvakos said on Thursday.

Nine nurses working at the facility have been especially trained to deal with the virus, he added.

Some of the patients do not need treatment but health care supervision, others have mild symptoms and others are asymptomatic patients, he explained.

These patients are housed in a separate building accessible only to nurses and doctors who follow strict safety protocols. Meals are delivered outside the rooms and nurses do not have direct contact with patients.

According to the general manager, the centre has a 24-hour security guard and strict protocols. Each person is isolated in a room and coronavirus patients have absolutely no contact with the hospital and other staff of the centre, while they are forbidden to move outside their room in any common area, even in the hallway in front of the room.

The centre opened in April 2018 and hosts patients who are recovering from surgery or from an accident.

It has a gym, a sauna, spa, whirlpool, outdoor and indoor pool, and offers yoga and meditation, group art therapy, music therapy, painting and dance. It employs 40 staff, including 16 nurses, a physiotherapist, a general practitioner, a physician and a pulmonologist, cooks, cleaners and other staff.

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