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It is time for the government to take back control

“State coffers were emptying and on Friday he (the finance minster) spoke of the possibility of the state being forced to cut wages in the public sector and raise taxes”

The Finance Minister is to be commended for at last bringing some perspective into surreal, parallel universe AKEL and the public parasite unions are living in.

It is not a matter of IF the state coffers will run dry but WHEN.

The catastrophic consequences of the pandemic which has resulted in huge falls in state revenue from taxes combined with exponential increase in state handouts to the unemployed and poor will ensure this disaster. And seeing we cannot borrow much more given our national debt will hit 120% of GDP soon nor can we print our own money, a catastrophe is looming if this pandemic is not cured soon.

It is time, perhaps for the first time ever, for this toxic combination of trade unions and AKEL to understand that the golden goose, that is the taxpayer, has gotten very under-nourished indeed. And that it cannot provide the extortionate salaries, pensions and perks of this lazy, unproductive and bloated class, combined with job security for life, for much longer. Something has to give

It is time the government took back control. It must ”govern” for the benefit of the whole country and not the public sector.

Surely this is the perfect time to make firm decisions and implement them? If teachers or any other public servant refuses to return to work, then private sector rules should apply. Which as we know is stopping payment of salary followed by dismissal.

And surely it is time for broad job and salary cuts across the bloated public sector? Government needs to fund itself and surely one of the most obvious and sensible actions is to reduce the share of the public sector and re-distribute to the private one which is reeling from job losses, drastically cut disposal incomes and rising poverty levels? It is obvious government cannot fund the ever expanding deficits by imposing new or higher taxes since this would kill off whatever is left of the economy.

This is not rocket science. It is common sense. And something the rest of us, outside the cloud cuckoo land that is the parasitic government sector, have always lived with.


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