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UNic provides forum for virus inspired art works

A work by Kleanthis Constantinou, a Fine Art student in the Department of Design and Multimedia of the University of Nicosia

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the globe, businesses are being called on to remain shut or else operate under special conditions, countries have closed their borders, and citizens are being urged to stay home in an effort to slow the spread of the outbreak.

The consequences of this forced social distancing are expected to be particularly significant in human psychology.

Appreciating the challenges that arise from this unprecedented situation, the department of design and multimedia of the University of Nicosia has created a dedicated account on Instagram, which will host works of art created during this period of social distancing. The ‘UNIC Isolation Art’ account aims to provide a forum through which artists can share their art, connect with other artists, as well as reduce the negative effects on their psychology and stimulate their creativity in the process.

“While social distancing is critical to preventing transmission of the disease, isolation can have an adverse effect on our mental well-being. One way to keep afloat and in good spirits is to be creative and to share our art and creative accomplishments with other creative and like-minded people,” explained Paschalis Paschalis, head of department.

“Art always plays an essential role in helping us cope with whatever negative situation our society is experiencing, armed with the ability to inspire and empower us, while improving our quality of life in general.”

The department of design and multimedia thus invites all artists, creatives, colleagues and students to share their art, as well as their personal stories, on how they are spending their time creatively this period, using the hashtag #UNICisolationart.

The newly created ‘UNIC Isolation Art’ Instagram account will host these pieces of art, which can take the form of visual art, photography, literature, performance, cooking or any other form of creative expression.

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