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Coronavirus: weaknesses in some sectors as regards compliance with new rules

Selective inspections will be carried out in sectors where weaknesses have emerged, the head of the labour inspection department Anastasios Giannakis said on Friday.

The fresh inspections follow a first round of checks during which a large number of shops were visited by inspectors.

“In the retail sector, there is a very satisfactory picture in terms of the compliance of businessmen and employees,” Giannakis said, adding that in some cases employees were not wearing their masks properly, and there were some problems with markings on the floor.

“The area that is still difficult is the construction sites, although there is some improvement,” he noted.

There are also other problems in this sector, such as the risk of work accidents, which account for the need for more targeted inspections.

Usually when there is a nationwide campaign to inspect construction sites, the number of inspections averages 250 per month, while in the past two weeks 1,000 sites have been visited.

Speaking about work accidents, the head of the labour inspection department said they have been reduced lately due to the limited activity.

“Now a large number of workers have returned and we are monitoring the situation more closely,” he explained.

There is only a small number of complaints by employees about employers regarding health and safety issues related to the coronavirus, Giannakes said about the general situation. Most employers comply with the measures.

A common complaint is that customers in shops do not keep the required distance.

Some people have gotten wrong messages and are confused, he said.

Authorities on Thursday ordered shut six construction sites found to be non-compliant with coronavirus-related health and hygiene regulations.

They were closed down temporarily until they meet the requirements.

Overall since May 4, 6,556 inspections have taken place – 5612 in retail and 944 at construction sites.

To date, inspectors have shuttered 54 constructions sites, and issued fines to 14 persons.

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