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Authorities warn of high dust levels

Authorities on Saturday warned of high concentrations of dust. calling on vulnerable groups to avoid going outside until the phenomenon subsides.

According to data of the Labour Inspection Department, dust concentrations exceeding 50μg/m3 (micrograms per cubic metre), have been recorded in most parts of the island except Paphos and Paralimni.

The public, and particularly vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly and people with illnesses, are urged to avoid going outside until the dust levels drop.

‘Dust’ refers to respirable particulate matter of a diameter smaller than 10μm (PM10) in the air. “The small size of respirable particles in dust may have negative effects on human health,” the department said.

Dust concentrations measured at 1pm in the following areas are:

Nicosia:                                  78μg/m3

Limassol:                               56μg/m3

Larnaca:                                71g/m3

Paphos:                                 32μg/m3

Paralimni:                              48μg/m3

Zygi:                                      55μg/m3

Ayia Marina Xyliatou:            64μg/m3

More information on the measured pollutant concentrations and real-time updates is available, and also through the free mobile application ‘Air Quality Cyprus’.

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