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Epic celebrates World Telecommunication Day

Epic offers free internet access to students Epic is joining forces with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth during this difficult time and is offering free internet access to 230 public school students.

On Sunday, May 17, Epic celebrated World Telecommunication Day while continuing to offer innovative communication services as well as unique offers to its subscribers.

World Telecommunication Day is celebrated every year and is about the continuous development of one of the most important factors in our lives: communication. The aim of the day is to highlight the importance of communication and how information travels around the world. It also aims to raise awareness about how important communication is in our lives and stimulate technology development in the sector.

This year, World Telecommunication Day is of particular importance as people’s need for communication has become even more valuable due to the pandemic.

In the current joint effort to provide quality and reliable communication for all, Epic offers a range of innovative services for the workplace and for home, thus facilitating our daily lives, both in terms of communication and entertainment, as well as information and work.

The Epic network has proven to be a valuable ally in this joint effort as it has successfully responded to the increased traffic and multiple needs that have arisen due to the overall situation. Fully utilizing its state-of-the-art network, Epic provides uninterrupted access to communication and extremely fast data speeds, making it possible for its subscribers to enjoy a great online experience with fast speeds, on both mobile and fixed.

Epic continues to offer unique and very attractive offers and on the occasion of World Telecommunication Day this month, it has created a series of unique offers such as the Unlimited ALL plan with €29.99 /month for the first three months. Also, some of the hottest smartphones on the market such as the iPhone Pro and Huawei P30 are offered without a cent upfront required and in combination with a plan with a very low monthly subscription. There is also the special offer for Broadband HomeBox for 60Mbps Internet at home, with only €19.99 /month for the first twelve months.

And that is epic.

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