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My home is wherever I lay my hat

Priti Patel 

Riza has penned a somewhat throwaway and underlying jocular piece which some have taken the opportunity to have an undisguised and unwarranted pop at him.

The disastrous turn of events in care homes which Riza points out is indeed a scandal. However partisan one is towards Johnson, his lieutenants and their daily Downing Street briefings which merely serve to sweet talk and throw out numerous pledges, what’s going on in these establishments can’t be waived away with a cursory flick of the wrist.

Also liberally thrown into the pot for good measure is the old chestnut which has adorned this forum for many a long year when someone doesn’t like or disagrees with something where they happen to live: that they should leave for pastures new.

For those of us of mixed parental heritage who have also lived in several parts of the world, such as Riza, I assure people that ‘wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home’ applies. and this certainly to me and I know to be the case with Riza.

It also doesn’t preclude us from having our say ‘wherever our hat happens to lie’.


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