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The Cyprob can only be solved through dialogue

Medical supplies arriving from China: The case of the plane carrying medical equipment to Cyprus from China, which Turkey prevented from entering its airspace is indicative of our vulnerable position

One of few, very sensible political commentators in RoC.

It’s always refreshing to share his logical and correct suggestions on how to solve our dispute with Turkey and how to find a feasible agreement to the Cyprob, acceptable to both communities and based on political equality (co-owners of the RoC).

It can only be solved through a dialogue with the participation of all parties involved.

It’s also important to mention the well written article today in CM, by Christos P Panayiotides for recognising the background leading up to the coup and invasion/occupation in 1974.

The ugly face of nationalism and fascism is maybe the main factor to our national problem together with our inability to understand TC’s fears of Enosis.


Rekindling our flirtation with France will lead nowhere

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