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University of Cyprus film shows how to manage pandemic

The University of Cyprus

Tackling the crisis caused by the pandemic, the University of Cyprus has created a short psycho-educational presentation to inform the public about psychological and social skills, which may contribute to resilience and positive adjustment to difficult circumstances.

The presentation, entitled 12 Life Skills for Durability, amid the Pandemicism of the New Coronation, was a short film in which the symbolism of a river crossing refers to the transition from the adversity of the pandemic to the final return to normalcy.

The figure – in the colours of the University of Cyprus – manages to cross the river, in a reference to the mature and complete man who knows how to activate his skills and knowledge in order to manage this unprecedented endurance. crisis, of the pandemic.

The short film is available to the public ( for the presentation in Greek, or in English).

The psycho-educational content of the presentation is based on the international scientific literature regarding the cultivation of mental and social resilience, as well as relevant research conducted at the University of Cyprus.


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