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New Wave movement says economic plan fails to set foundations for the future

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Cyprus should expect to face serious challenges in the near future because of its structural weaknesses especially its overdependence on tourism and construction, the New Wave (Neo Kyma) movement said on Friday, censuring the government’s economic plan as being devoid of vision.

Comparing with the EU’s “ambitious plan” to tackle the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, the movement said it would been expected that the Cypriot scheme would set the foundations for the island’s adjustment to the society of the future.

“Instead, the programme seems to aim at satisfying the demands of various pressure groups, without priorities,” a statement said. “Grants for all groups without targeting. A programme which instead of creating prospects for the inclusion of young people in the production process, it hampers tomorrow’s generation.”

Admittedly, the movement said, Cyprus tackled the effects of the pandemic in the economy in a satisfactory manner.

It should, however, be taken for granted, that it will face serious challenges in the near future that reflect the structural weaknesses especially the overdependence to traditional tourism and construction.

“The next one to two years are expected to be critical.”

New Wave said there was still time for Cyprus to benefit from the generous programme offered by the EU and draft a structured action plan with corresponding priorities including in healthcare, climate change, green development, digitisation, innovation, intelligent business, universities, research centres, education, and culture.

Connectivity and development of sustainable forms of quality tourism supported by a modern agricultural productive process are particularly important for Cyprus, the movement said.

“The government has a golden chance to contribute to the construction of the next generation Cyprus; it must not waste it. The EU’s support programme is important and unprecedented. It is an opportunity for Cyprus to adopt it, copy it, learn from it.”

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