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Rules for shopping luxury tableware by Hestia Home

A question that I get asked often at my boutique when a client comes for shopping for the perfect tableware is “How do you create that overall finished look?” Some people believe that everything has to be from the same brand, others that it has to have a matching pattern. I want to share with you top 5 tips that I help my clients shopping for tableware and what I believe makes the perfect table setting.


The most important question has to be the use of the tableware. If you are using it for special occasions and events you may find that you want a slightly more extravagant design, adding trims of gold or silver or to have a prominent pattern. If the tableware is for everyday use then you may want to keep it simple, clean and clear so it can adapt to its uses.



If you are looking for a long term table set then I would always recommend going for a classic tone such as white, black, grey or navy. Colours come in and out of fashion so quickly that it is better to invest in a set rather than changing it seasonally. White is always in fashion!



The biggest mistake that people make when purchasing white tableware is when a table setting uses multiple shades of white. My biggest piece of advice is to make sure that you are purchasing a set in only one shade of white. If you cannot find a full set, make sure the other pieces contrast. It is much better to purposely contrast than fail at colour matching.



An issue that I have experienced first hand is not having enough crockery. If you have a table that seats six but usually use it for four, I would recommend buying for a full table. There is nothing worse than hosting a dinner party and one of the guests having to use the odd set that you have pulled out of the cupboard. So many sets are now being sold singularly so there is no excuse not to have a full table (perfect for any breakages too!).



My final piece of advice relates to condiments. If you are hosting a dinner party, you do not want to bring out bottles and jars onto the table. Brand names and half empty jars can be unsightly and clutter up a table. A must have for any table setting is a condiment set such as serving jars and pots, dipping bowls and salt and pepper shakers / grinders. You will be surprised just how much difference a beautiful set of condiments can make to a dinner party.



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