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Shows we love: Stranger Things

Netflix’s Stranger Things has been hugely well received, and rightly so. Although pretty straight forward, it provides the appropriate amount of suspense needed to jolt your nerves, if you are into that kind of thing.

It details the strange disappearance of a child into another dimension, and the aftermath that ensues, including invasions from interdimensional aliens, and poisons set on destroying the world.

The show is set in the mid-80s and is a fun reminder of the world without internet, and how people used to communicate with each other (I love the rotary telephones, because they remind me of my own childhood). I enjoy adventure shows, and am drawn to weird stories, which provide an escape from reality, as interdimensional travel is yet to be discovered.

Stranger Things has been around for three seasons, and I started binge watching it during the lockdown, to not be so bored. Although the story follows the lives of children, as the main characters, the whole town gets involved in the mysterious happenings, making the show suitable for adults as well.

It has been a pleasant find for me, and it has provided me with the necessary escape. I enjoy the graphics, the action and the storyline.

I also feel the acting is pretty good, from the 80s dad is disinterested in the happenings of town and his own children’s lives, to the hysteric mother trying to frantically find her children and a solution to the issues affecting the area.

I suggest watching the show, but I also suggest you take your time with it, because Netflix shows are notorious for being binge-watched, which can tire you out mentally, as you will most likely get to bed at 3am.

All in all, Stranger Things is an adventurous show, providing the right amount of escape to keep you guessing.

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